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Spring Mystery Box - Life In Miniature - Borrowers & Arrietty Inspired!

Spring Mystery Box - Life In Miniature - Borrowers & Arrietty Inspired! - Fanchromatic Nails
Spring Mystery Box - Life In Miniature - Borrowers & Arrietty Inspired! - Fanchromatic Nails
Spring Mystery Box - Life In Miniature - Borrowers & Arrietty Inspired! - Fanchromatic Nails
Spring Mystery Box - Life In Miniature - Borrowers & Arrietty Inspired! - Fanchromatic Nails
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This box was originally only available via preorder - orders ended in early April and shipped about 2 weeks after that. We ended up having 1 complete mini-size box's worth of leftovers, including the various little surprise extras, that we've been saving for a special event!

This last box contains our last bottles of a couple of these polishes; the others can be found in some of our grab bags. The lip balm is now a general catalog flavor, and the rest of the leftover soaps and balms are on clearance :)

For the hopeful springtime of 2021, when many of us are starting to awaken from our year-long hibernation, we wanted to put something special together for you - to help revive your imagination and wonder. So, we have created our latest Mystery Box, in honor of the Studio Ghibli film The Secret World of Arrietty (aka Arrietty the Borrower), and the books that inspired the movie - The Borrowers series, by Mary Norton.

For those who haven't seen this delightful film, it follows a family of very very tiny people who secretly live in the walls of a beautiful house in the country, surrounded by gardens. They make all of their furniture, clothes, etc out of full-sized items "borrowed" from the big people who own the house.

What's Included In the Box

  • 4 nail polishes in exclusive colors, in either 5mL mini size, or 15mL full size
  • Lip Balm (0.5oz tin)
  • 1 Cuticle Balm (1oz tin)
  • 1 Artisan Bar Soap (4oz) - hand painted and molded to match the theme!
  • A selection of thematically-appropriate surprise extras! (previous boxes have included things like candy, magnets, pins, ornaments, miniatures, objects from nature, and stickers)
  • All wrapped up in colorful paper for a fun unboxing!

To get an idea of the quality of what you'll receive, check out this customer's review of our Halloween mystery box!

What Colors, Scents & Flavor to Expect

Polish colors in this mystery box will take inspiration from the color palette of the film. Think watercolors and soft jewel tones. All colors will be exclusive and can't be ordered any other way. We will definitely include at least 1 thermal & 1 multichrome. Other finishes or types that might be included are glitter, flakie, metallic, crelly, matte, creme, shimmer, or solar.

Scents and lip balm flavor will be focused on those of a lush fresh springtime garden combined with those of a cozy country home! Think: clean, bright, floral, and a bit of gourmand. Scents/flavor for this box will not be exclusive to the box - you will be able to order them again later if you like - but they will make their debut in the box, and you will be the first to try them out!

Note: If you have a serious allergy that could conceivably show up in a mystery box like this (scents or oils derived from chocolate or nuts, certain botanicals, etc)  please check in with us before ordering. At the very least, we can let you know if this box is a good fit for you, but it's also possible we can modify your specific order to accommodate you.

We know you or your loved one will be thrilled with our Springtime Mystery Box - which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our items!

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  • Handmade in San Francisco, CA
  • Designed, mixed & packaged in-house
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Nontoxic

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