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May update!

Lynae Zebest

Hi friends! As the shelter-in-place directive continues here in San Francisco, we've been taking the time to roll out more awesome and fun items to share with you :)

We had expected a very different kind of May - the 15th was our 10th wedding anniversary, and we had planned to have a big shindig to celebrate. Then, when we'd just barely cleaned up from that, we'd spend the next 2 weeks road tripping through the Southwest, anchored by a weekend of selling our wares at Phoenix Fan Fusion (now rescheduled for September) with a stop in Palm Springs to see old friends. This seems like such an impossible adventure right now - almost like a dream!

If you've been loving our products, please tell your friends! We so appreciate this opportunity to share our self-care creations and stories with you and yours! We will even reward you for sending referrals our way, through our Rewards Program!  

We also know our large product catalog can be a bit overwhelming for newbies, which is why we're happy to announce our new Discovery Boxes:

Nail Polish Discovery Box - we'll hand-select 6 of our bestsellers, plus optional nail treatments or cuticle balm!

Bath & Body Discovery Box - sample sizes of our most popular products, with a curated variety of scents based on what type of fragrances you (or your giftee) like best

And we have so much more in store this month!

Summer Butter

Now available in all scents: General Catalog, Big Damn Heroes LE, & Crystal Gems LE :) We absolutely adore this new body butter. It's thick and rich just like our winter-only Whipped Body Butter formula, yet won't melt or turn grainy in the heat. Not only that,  it's also more hydrating and contains aloe vera - exactly what you'll be wanting once you're out in the sun this summer!

Crystal Gems Wax Melts

Perfect for use in any wax burner, shaped like little gems! We'll have these rolled out in the full scent line soon :)

Nail Polishes - so many!

To start out with, we have some highly limited editions. Unfortunately, shortly after I made 1 small batch of each, the recipes for these colors were accidentally discarded - so I definitely can't remake them. 

Limited Edition! Vasquez Nail Polish - mercurial matte grey/green/gold
Inspiration: Aliens

Limited Edition! Quantum Mechanics Nail Polish - bright azure blue with glitter mix
nspiration: Star Trek

Limited Edition! You Old Smuggler Nail Polish - smokey brown with multichrome flakes
Inspiration: Han Solo from Star Wars

Limited Edition! Imp Nail Polish - color-changing black/burgundy/purple with multichrome flakes
Inspiration: Tyrion Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones

Limited Edition! I Can Kill You With My Brain Nail Polish - holographic green microglitter
Inspiration: River Tam from Firefly and Serenity

We've also released three New Adventure Time Colors!

Vampire Queen Nail Polish - glow in the dark topper with bat shaped glitter

Princess Bubblegum Nail Polish - hot pink with white & gold accents

Rainicorn Nail Polish - translucent rainbow glitter top coat

...And a selection of new colors with different fandom inspirations, across the spectrum:

The Séance Nail Polish - mauve pink/purple jelly
Inspiration: Klaus from The Umbrella Academy

My Precious Nail Polish - gold flake glitter top coat
Inspiration: The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings

Intergalactic Warlord Nail Polish - matte glow in the dark neon blue
Inspiration: Guardians of the Galaxy

Brainy's the New Sexy Nail Polish - nude jelly with holographic microglitter
Inspiration: Irene Adler from Sherlock

That's all for this month!
Coming soon: new scents & colors, acetone additive, no-nail-biting balm, more wax melts, and more bar soaps!

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