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Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Since our founding, Fanchromatic Nails (and now, Galatea Cosmetics as well) has worked to help show the world that nail polish, bath & beauty products are for everyone - and that our brand in particular is focused on those who may be left out of the traditional beauty world. 

We treasure the diversity of our customers. With that in mind, we’ve put together this little document to spell out exactly what we’re about!

We are queer-owned.
Our brand is for folks of all romantic and sexual orientations & expressions!

We are genderqueer-owned.
Nail polish has no gender. Skincare has no gender. Bathing has no gender. It’s there for people of all genders to play with! Everyone deserves self care.

Our products are for all skin tones!
We have always had a racially & ethnically diverse customer base, which we love! Historically, we’ve used Lynae’s hands for most of our swatch photos. However, we’ve realized that it can be a frustrating experience for our friends with more pigmented skin tones, or different undertones to their skin, to envision how our polish will look on them. As a result, moving into 2021, we’re prioritizing getting a more full range of skintones into our product photos, and we’re joining in an industry-wide effort to make room for more people of color to swatch and sample our product line!

Our products are for those of all abilities and skill levels!
There will be no shaming of short nails, bitten nails, unusual nails, “messy” or chipped manicures here! We also offer all our bath & body items with an unscented option, for those with sensory sensitivities. And, if for any reason you have concerns about dropping or knocking down our glass jars, all our bath/body products are offered with at least one plastic container option as well.

We believe in giving back.
We donate monthly to
The Black Lives Matter Global Network & Groundswell Community & Retreat Center, and we regularly donate to a rotating group of nonprofits and charities, focusing primarily on a few issues close to our heart, including food justice & food sovereignty, indigenous rematriation, and supports for queer youth. Some of our favorite organizations to support are City Slicker Farms, Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, the Innocence Project, Zanmi Lasante, and Mulatto Meadows’ Humble program.
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