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About Us

Our Story

From our creative studio in San Francisco - which we share with our massive book collection, a hallway lined floor-to-ceiling with art, and our mischief of fancy pet rats - we send bottles & jars of inspiration, color & wonder to your doorstep!

Since 2012, we've made over 300,000 sales to amazing people like you - through our website, our boutique partners - and many, many comic cons, craft fairs, and other in-person events. Customers return to us for the quality of our products and our quirky, geeky, creative vision!

We're colorful, offbeat people who think outside the box. We create products that make you feel vibrantunique... maybe even a little transformed: items that tell stories to immerse you in sensory experiences & transcend the humdrum details of the world.

As fellow geeks, we also want to connect you to the heart of your favorite elements of sci-fi & fantasy - whether that's direct fandom references, or scents and sensations that transport you beyond the here and now.

We're also animal lovers who care a lot about what we're sending out into the world, so we make our products vegan/cruelty-free, and do our best to have sustainable business practices.

We just know you'll love what you find, and come back for more, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you aren't over the moon about your order, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Lynae's Story

Hello, lovely person! My name's Lynae Zebest, and I'm the color/scent/formulation wizard behind Fanchromatic Nails & GALATEA Cosmetics!

I started this little adventure in late 2011, after health issues forced me to end my full-time career as a ceramic artist & potter. I wanted a way to translate my color & chemistry skills into a new field that was easier on my body, while still allowing me to learn and grow as an artist. 

At the time, virtually no-one was making their own nail lacquer on a non-factory-scale, so I decided to take on this interesting challenge. And because I made everything myself, I was (and am!) sure to only work with body-safe, healthy ingredients. 

In recent years, I've also jumped in to tackle another challenge: making bath & body items that are effective, luxurious to use, but also incredibly gentle. And not just that - but they have to be fun, colorful, and smell amazing! Like my nail polish, my aim is to always be telling stories and creating real experiences with my work.

I form a dynamic duo with my partner, Orin to make all the gears turn behind the scenes. He's our creative consultant, chief organizer, web guru, and smoother-of-rough-edges :)

We both love getting to know our customers and creating real connections with them. You're always welcome to reach out if you have questions, product ideas, would like to work with us - or even just want to say hi!

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