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Scent Descriptions

Here you will find scent descriptions for our bath & body products!

Scents in purple are LIMITED EDITION
Scents in black are part of our general catalog, regularly restocked

Scents in grey are discontinued
If a scent isn't listed, it's sold out and won't be restocked for the foreseeable future

Crystal Gems

Available until at least May 2020. A tribute to the characters of Steven UniverseEach scent is designed to highlight specific, essential qualities of a character's personality. 
Empathy (Steven)
The most transcendently perfect peanut butter & grape jelly sandwich! This smells surprisingly cosmopolitan - maybe even galactic!
Charisma (Garnet)
The smooth sophisticated scent of hazelnut, with supporting notes of coffee, cream, and petrichor.
Bravery (Amethyst)
An oddball yet well-rounded blend of turned earth, warm nutmeg, banana, whipped cream, rich dry cocoa, and just a hint of cherry on top.
Loyalty (Pearl)
Creamy, tart, with a bit of sweet. Fresh coconut milk, white currant, lemon peel, and an undernote of ozone.
Magic (Lion)
The comforting depth and warmth of roasted pecans, mellowed and fluffed with marshmallow creme.
Cookie Cat
A chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich. He's super duper yummy!

Big Damn Heroes

Available until at least March 2020. A tribute to the beloved and canceled TV show, Firefly. We've pored lovingly over the 13 extant episodes, and the film, to really hone in on evocative scents for different scenes & characters.

Chivalry in Space
Spaceship captain Mal fights for his secret love Inara's honor at the end of an old-fashioned blade:
The sweet & foody, yet masculine scent of ginger, cardamom, whiskey, caramel & tobacco.

I Like the Ruffles
The mechanic, Kaylee, dreams of herself as a girly girl in ribbons and bows:
Mango, apple, pear, maple, & bourbon

Something With Some Slink
First mate Zoe fantasizes about being sheathed in sensuous silk or satin, a break from her cowboy life:
Pomegranate, nutmeg, rhubarb, cinnamon, & vanilla

David Bowie Playlist

The songs of David Bowie are the soundtracks to many of our lives' most important memories. They tell stories and encapsulate moments that go beyond simple lyrics. Our quest here was to encapsulate these songs into extra-sensory experiences, so we can explore them even further!

As the World Falls Down
"I'll place the sky within your eyes..."
Rhubarb, cedar, orange, blackberry jam, fig, teak wood

Modern Love
"I'm lying in the rain, but I never wave bye-bye..."
Mimosa flower, sage, tangerine, fresh mint, plum, red currant

Moonage Daydream
"Press your space face close to mine, love..."
Watermelon, blackcurrant, peach, bergamot, hyacinth, lemon zest

Oh, You Pretty Thing!
"Wake up, you sleepy head, put on some clothes, shake off your bed..."
Fresh rose, espresso beans, fallen leaves, vanilla, oak (Note: not available in lotions or balms)

Rebel Rebel
"Hot tramp, I love you so!"
Strawberry crumpets, anise, nutmeg, ginger, black tea

Suffragette City
"Oh don't lean on me man, 'cause you can't afford the ticket..."
Lime, agave, salt, grapefruit, pomegranate, hydrangea, cardamom

Fantasy Destinations

Exploring the olfactory experiences of mythical and legendary places - a fantasy travelogue, if you will!

Forbidden Forest
The deep dark primeval wood, full of beauty and terror and magic:
Birch bark, fir needle, cypress, tonka, eucalyptus

Goblin Market
The grand fae market hall, teeming with forbidden fruit & mysterious peddlars:
Exotic ambers, sandalwood, dark musk, decadent candy sweets

Here There Be Dragons
What is there when we fall off the edge of the map? What adventure awaits?
Cucumber, cantaloupe, sea air, lemon, lily, green leaves, white tea

The Inn Between the Worlds
Your party of travelers is weary and must rest. Step into the parlor for some mead and news from other far-flung travelers...
Balsam fir, coriander, tobacco, orange peel, nutmeg, tonka

The Labyrinth
Winding ever deeper toward the heart of a maze, toward a mysterious foe at the very center...
Date fruit, dragon's blood resin, olive wood, clay

Mermaid Grotto
Feel free to spy on the mermaids as they frolic, splash and comb their hair, but don't get too close!
Sea salt, mimosa, lily, sandalwood, vanilla, lemon, musk

Great Duos of Horror

Whether united by love, conflict, tension, danger, or just plain folie a deux, so many great dark or horrific films are centered on a special dynamic between two people. This series seeks to celebrate these pairs, with a mix of genders, subgenres, and levels of film notoriety.
Clarice & Hannibal
Barely restrained (and nearly fatal) attraction: Black tea, honey, orange, lavender, pine, rosemary, sage
(Inspiration: Silence of the Lambs. From the moment they meet, we sense an ephemeral connection, a unique meeting of minds. There is tension, terror, respect - and maybe even love? Or maybe just the love of a cat for a mouse...)

Columbia & Eddie
The love your mother always warned you about: Leather, saffron, and spiked cherry soda
(Inspiration: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rock and roll, insanity, motorcycles and saxaphone! These two dance while the world crumbles around them, right in the shadow of their mentor and lover - and now adversary, Frank-N-Furter)

Gomez & Morticia
Elegant, macabre, undying love: Thyme, oak, rich soil, syrupy Bourbon vanilla, salt, & amber
(Inspiration: The Addams Family. Can we think of a more mutually respectful, loving, romantic yet practical relationship in all of film history? Truly, these two are the Platonic ideal of marriage)

John & Miriam
Tainted love: Mandarin, jasmine, the rosin & wood of a well-loved violin, ragged linens & a cedar box
(Inspiration: The Hunger. A relationship based on a lie of immortality, a betrayal so deep that it turns love to hate. Passion, fury, and lust entwine down through the ages until they reach a bitter, brutal end)

Minnie & Roman
A sinister yet wholesome love: Bittersweet chocolate mousse, woodsmoke, brimstone, and... tannis root?
(Inspiration: Rosemary's Baby. We all know the nosy neighbors are up to no good, but the Castavets take the cake for fulfilling the role, for sure! We adore their gleefully evil and perfectly orchestrated union)

Dracula & Mina
Ancient hunger, cursed love: Brown sugar, dark musk, blackberry, pecan, chrysanthemum, dry red wine
(Inspiration: Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A perfect blend of romance and terror - a woman trapped in a powerless life, compelled to seek her own doom by an immortal, endlessly lonely monster who worships her)

Herman & Lily
Undying domestic bliss: Vanilla, cranberry, cinnamon, carnation, apple, lily, clove, freshly turned earth
(Inspiration: The Munsters. Our favorite working class couple! Herman digs graves to pay the bills, while Lily keeps their lair perfectly dusty - not a cobweb out of place! And although they both pretend he runs the show, we know she’s the brains of the operation)
Helen & Madeline
Beauty at all costs: Ginger, grapefruit, lime, rhubarb, peach, mint & cardamom
(Inspiration: Death Becomes Her. Hell hath no fury like two women scorned! The ultimate catty, selfish, vain frenemies, we nevertheless can’t help but root for this duo!)

Irena & Oliver
Passion that can’t be caged: Sweet tobacco leaf, geranium, copal resin, molasses, sandalwood
(Inspiration: Cat People. A classic tale of gender norms gone wrong: a man captivated by an alluring, powerful woman, obsessed with taming and controlling her at all costs, despite all the warnings)

Trick or Treats

An assortment of sticky sweet autumnal confections, suitable for any ghastly gathering of ghouls, convocation of crones, or Monster Mash meetup! 

Butterscotch Brittle: Heady butterscotch, crystallized sugar, vanilla, and a hint of chocolate.

Strawberry Chew: Sweet strawberry flavored nougat candy!

Theme Park Nostalgia

A tribute to some of my times spent as a child, when my dad worked near Anaheim, CA for a few months and I got to go to the theme park as often as I wanted! 

All things jungle, tropical, and nostalgic. Tart and sweet passion fruit & guava, on an earthy bed of ginger & soil, brightened with agave, chrysanthemum, and lush wet green plants.
(Imagine that you turn the corner at the end of the ride, and there is *no one* waiting at the dock! Imagine if the guide asks you if you want to go on your favorite ride again! And again!)