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Crystal Gems Collection

A tribute to the characters of Steven UniverseEach scent is designed to highlight specific, essential qualities of a character's personality. Each nail color is inspired by a different background still from the show :) 

Our scent series currently includes:

Empathy (Steven)
The most transcendently perfect peanut butter & grape jelly sandwich! This smells surprisingly cosmopolitan - maybe even galactic!
Charisma (Garnet)
The smooth sophisticated scent of hazelnut, with supporting notes of coffee, cream, and petrichor.
Bravery (Amethyst)
An oddball yet well-rounded blend of turned earth, warm nutmeg, banana, whipped cream, rich dry cocoa, and just a hint of cherry on top.
Loyalty (Pearl)
Creamy, tart, with a bit of sweet. Fresh coconut milk, white currant, lemon peel, and an undernote of ozone.
Magic (Lion)
The comforting depth and warmth of roasted pecans, mellowed and fluffed with marshmallow creme.
Cookie Cat
A chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich. He's super duper yummy!
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