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Big Damn Heroes Collection

A tribute to the beloved and canceled TV show, Firefly. We've pored lovingly over the 13 extant episodes, and the film, to really hone in on evocative scents for different scenes & characters. 
This scent series currently includes:

Chivalry in Space
Spaceship captain Mal fights for his secret love Inara's honor at the end of an old-fashioned blade: 
The sweet & foody, yet masculine scent of ginger, cardamom, whiskey, caramel & tobacco.

I Like the Ruffles
The mechanic, Kaylee, dreams of herself as a girly girl in ribbons and bows:
Mango, apple, pear, maple, & bourbon

Something With Some Slink
First mate Zoe fantasizes about being sheathed in sensuous silk or satin, a break from her cowboy life: 
Pomegranate, nutmeg, rhubarb, cinnamon, & vanilla