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R'lyeh Is For Lovers Collection

Did you know that the until-recently sunken city of R’lyeh is a South Pacific island oasis? That’s right - this great, old, and exclusive destination is one of the most remote and unique tropical islands in all the worlds!

Join us for a special ecotourist getaway, where we will explore R’lyeh’s ancient non-Euclidean ruins while cruising on a romantic gondola. We’ll sample the local delicacy - a rare glowing fungus - and discover the curious pageantry & ritual of the native Elders. And finally, we’ll retire to the oldest and most well-appointed outpost of the Miskatonic Fraternal Lodge - open for the first time to outsiders! There, we’ll enjoy a night of cocktails and feasting on local fruits and gifts from sky and sea.

We welcome all lovers, dreamers, and experimental physicists to R’lyeh - but book your passage quickly! Tickets are only available when the stars are right, and this opportunity might never come again! 

Scents in this collection:

Cyclopean Masonry: An architecture, or a secret society? Freshly cured pipe tobacco, tropical soil, ancient stone, and black tea with cream
Eldritch Elixir:
Lavender, cucumber, gin, chamomile, Assam black tea
The Gibbous Moon:
Meditations on a star-filled night: Lemongrass, black currant, patchouli, and sharp sweet peppermint
Pear, dragonfruit, apricot jam, tequila, marshmallow, neroli, and driftwood
Lost Carcosa:
Strawberry rhubarb jam, orange juice, ginger, fresh cucumber, clover
The Lurking Fear:
Freshly crushed watermelon pulp, blood flower, tonka, amaretto, balsam.
Martini of Madness:
Lychee, pineapple, gin, lemon peel, orange blossom, amber, vermouth
Mi-Go Mojito:
Fresh mint, lime, Valencia orange, gold rum, passionfruit
Mother Shub's Sangria:
White wine, tangerine and mango, spiked with dark rum, cassia, nutmeg, mahogany, and clove
Squamous Sunset:
Hair of the dog at dawn: Maraschino liqueur, dewy grasses, patchouli, cinnamon, oud

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