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Fantasy Destinations Collection

Fantasy Destinations

Exploring the olfactory experiences of mythical and legendary places - a fantasy travelogue, if you will! This series of bath & body scents includes:

Forbidden Forest
The deep dark primeval wood, full of beauty and terror and magic: 
Birch bark, fir needle, cypress, tonka, eucalyptus

Goblin Market
The grand fae market hall, teeming with forbidden fruit & mysterious peddlars: 
Exotic ambers, sandalwood, dark musk, decadent candy sweets

Here There Be Dragons
What is there when we fall off the edge of the map? What adventure awaits? 
Cucumber, cantaloupe, sea air, lemon, lily, green leaves, white tea

The Inn Between the Worlds
Your party of travelers is weary and must rest. Step into the parlor for some mead and news from other far-flung travelers... 
Balsam fir, coriander, tobacco, orange peel, nutmeg, tonka

The Labyrinth
Winding ever deeper toward the heart of a maze, toward a mysterious foe at the very center... 
Date fruit, dragon's blood resin, olive wood, clay

Mermaid Grotto
Feel free to spy on the mermaids as they frolic, splash and comb their hair, but don't get too close! 
Sea salt, mimosa, lily, sandalwood, vanilla, lemon, musk

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