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Friday the 13th Update! No-Rinse Hand Cleanser, Crystal Gems, and much more!

Lynae Zebest

Greetings, friends :) We are in the midst of very "interesting" times, and I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound.
For my part, I'm doing okay - better than many. But quarantines and large event cancellations are hard on artisans like me. Last year, 49% of my income came from in-person events. Right now, I have every reason to expect that most of my spring events will be cancelled. That's the right thing for public health - but it's scary for me.
I am crossing my fingers that this pandemic subsides soon, and in the meantime, I ask that - if you have the means - you continue to to support the artists, food service workers, entertainers, and craftspeople in your community, even if you can't go out to see them in person.

Now, gloom and doom aside - we have a fantastic and exciting update for you! These items will go live at 6pm PDT tomorrow (Friday the 13th!) - if you're on our mailing list, you'll receive a reminder then!


We're offering another open pre-order! That means ALL of our product line (with a few exceptions) will be available for sale! This is your best opportunity to pick up colors or scents that have been recently sold out.

With this kind of pre-order, though, comes longer wait times before your order ships, to give us time to freshly make things. Likely 10-14 business days.

For those who want their goods faster, I will set up an in-stock items page, which I'll be updating regularly throughout the sale. If you only order items that are in stock, ship times are 3-5 business days.

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Rinse-Free Hand Cleanser

This is the exact same plague-fighting stuff that is sold out of all the stores right now. I'm calling it by a different name because sanitizers are classified as a drug, and I am not yet up to speed on the labeling requirements involved. But, if you check the ingredients list, you'll see that this is a great tool for keeping clean out in the world right now!

A fantastic, not-too-drying formula, lightly scented in your choice of our full range of frangrances - or unscented for the purists. These come in a 1oz squeeze bottle for $8, or an adorable little honey bear type 2oz squeeze for $12.

Nail Polish: The Mandalorian & Steven Universe

The Mandalorian

When 50 Years Old You Reach
Swampy sage green/grey/blue filled with colorshifting, pink-to-green metallic flakes

This Is The Way
A thermal/mood nail polish with a subtle holographic shimmer: dark army green when cold, light olive green when warm

Warm chocolate brown metallic matte

Steven Universe

Dusk at the Crystal Temple
Fuchsia-toned neon pink with big blue hex glitters & gold flakes

Temple to Amethyst
Neon purple with round neon orange glitters in different sizes, and holographic silver flakes

Crystal Gems scent series

Brand new Steven Universe-inspired scents, available in our full bath & body line! These are limited-edition and won't stick around forever :p

Empathy (Steven)
The most transcendently perfect peanut butter & grape jelly sandwich! This smells surprisingly cosmopolitan - maybe even galactic!

Charisma (Garnet)
The smooth sophisticated scent of hazelnut, with supporting notes of coffee, cream, and petrichor.

Bravery (Amethyst)
An oddball yet well-rounded blend of warm nutmeg, banana, whipped cream, rich dry cocoa, and just a hint of cherry on top.

Loyalty (Pearl)
Creamy, tart, with a bit of sweet. Fresh coconut milk, white currant, lemon peel, and an undernote of ozone.

Magic (Lion)
The comforting depth and warmth of roasted pecans, mellowed and fluffed with marshmallow creme.

Cookie Cat
A chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich. He's super duper yummy!

Last call for Big Damn Heroes scent series

We may bring back these 3 scents in the future, but this is the last pre-order we expect to have them in. So place your orders now - available in our full bath & body line!

Goblin Market Bar Soap

Our first foray into a traditional soap! These gilded glycerin rounds are creamy little confections, scented in our all-time best-selling fragrance, mixing sweet candy notes with bold warm resins.

DIY Craft Kits

Ever wanted to do more with your nail polish than just your nails? These fun and affordable kits allow you to make jewelry or magnets with any nail polish colors you like, creating fascinating little handmade gems. You can even make a ring to match your mani!

 New Zipper Bag Designs

Cookie Cat - A black & white Cookie Cat logo on a pink bag, with the phrase "super duper yummy"

Steven's Shirt - A simple yellow star on a red bag

Bowie Lighting Bolt - Our interpretation of the Aladdin Sane cover art, in black/red/blue on an off-white bag

Click Here to See ALL Our New Items!

We had a few more things we were hoping to roll out this month: Crystal Gems decals, more polish, and a new variety of body lotion... but this is plenty already! Keep your eyes peeled for another update in 3-4 weeks :)

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