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Our first update of 2020 - it's a big one!

Lynae Zebest

Hey everyone :)  Today is the first day of our PRESALE!

Now through 1/28, anything in our entire current product line is available for purchase - whether or not it's in stock! We will make it to order, just for you! For orders placed during this window, please anticipate a 2-to-3-week lead time before your orders ship. (We always aim to exceed expectations, though!)

After the presale ends, the shop will go back into "in stock only mode" - meaning, if you can buy it in the shop, it's in stock and will ship in 3-5 business days. It'll stay that way until the next presale window - probably 4-6 weeks from now

In addition to the presale, we have a number of new items for you! Here's a rundown:

  • We have 3 new scents in our bath/body line - celebrating the TV show Firefly! These first three are companions to the already-released nail colors with the same names:
    • Chivalry in Space
      Spaceship captain Mal fights for his secret love Inara's honor at the end of an old-fashioned blade: 
      The sweet & foody, yet masculine scent of ginger, cardamom, whiskey, caramel & tobacco.
    • I Like the Ruffles
      The mechanic, Kaylee, dreams of herself as a girly girl in ribbons and bows: Mango, apple, pear, maple, & bourbon
    • Something With Some Slink
      First mate Zoe fantasizes about being sheathed in sensuous silk or satin, a break from her cowboy life: Pomegranate, nutmeg, rhubarb, cinnamon, & vanilla
  • Our Emollient Cleansing Balm is now for sale online! This has been making the rounds of our friends, family & craft fairs for the last year or so - and Lynae personally uses it every day. We're so happy to be able to share this delightfully creamy, oil-based cleanser with you :) It makes a great makeup remover, and is ideal for sensitive skin!
  • We've added a few Bath Crushes to our Clearance section! Snag them at an awesome price, while you can - these scents won't be restocked!
  • Four nail polishes are making their online debut:
    • Most Imperial Majestyholo chameleon chrome gold/copper/rust shift, inspired by Star Trek: Discovery
    • Awesome Mix Volume 1 - scattered holographic effect flakie top coat, inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Through the Moon Door - matte finish platinum silver/white, inspired by Game of Thrones & A Song of Ice and Fire
    • Tree Trunks - chartreuse green jelly finish with gold/red metallic flakies, inspired by Adventure Time
    • And last but not least, we have two different hand-decorated cosmetics bags to share with you! We offered these as freebie during Black Friday weekend, and we got such a great response from folks who received them! We're offering them at a promotional low price, too :) Check them out!
  • Note: We had been hoping to get our Mandalorian-inspired items available to you today, but they still need a bit of tweaking. Expect a Baby Yoda bonanza on the next update! Stay tuned!

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