Our Barbie inspired summer mystery box is live! Snag one before it sells out ;)


Clearance and Sample Sale!!!

Lynae Zebest

Hi friends! Believe it or not, we opened our shop NINE YEARS AGO as of this month! My, how time has flown!

To celebrate, we're having a very special sale:


For the first time ever, we are clearing out our nail polish archive of sample bottles, discontinued colors, limited editions, and one of a kind creations. These bottles in most cases are the original bottles that we used to test out these colors. There are over 80 different colors available and the vast majority only have 1-2 bottles up for grabs! Please head over to the listing for full information, and a complete list with item descriptions. Despite the rarity of these goodies, we are letting them go for a song!


We have exactly one complete Life In Miniature - Springtime Mystery Box available, months after it sold out! This was originally reserved for a special event that fell through, and now it goes to one lucky customer!


We have some pretties in a few bath and body items on closeout price as well!

First up - we have a selection of mystery bargain bar soaps! In this case we have a breakdown of all possibilities, with sample photos, so you have an idea of what you might get :p 

Next, we have a few emulsified sugar scrubs and cuticle balms on clearance too :) While these are mostly overstock from our winter limited editions, we also have a few goodies from other past LEs!


We have so many things lined up for the next month or two!

First up, we are working on a fun summery flakie polish for July's Nail Polish of the Month! And we are participating in a couple exclusive group boxes too: 

  • For The Polished Gamers Box (shop open July 15-20) we have a fun exclusive cuticle balm scent inspired by the JUMANJI board game! Scented with all things jungle, tropical, and an just a bit malevolent. Tart and sweet passion fruit & guava, on an earthy bed of ginger & soil, brightened with agave, chrysanthemum, and lush wet green plants.
  • For Little Box of Horrors (shop open July 18-30) we are adding to our body of work celebrating Ari Aster's beautiful brightly-lit summer horror art film, Midsommar, with a sky blue nail polish packed with botanically-colored glitters, "The Midnight Sun," as well as a exclusively-scented cuticle balm (A Love Rune: A suspiciously savory pie with bright notes of summer peach and candied ginger) and wax melt (The Great Festival of Renewal: Lavender fields, fresh herbs, ancestral trees, the first apple harvest, and bright citrus sunshine)

We are both trying to prioritize taking some time to feel "normal" this summer after our long isolation - catching up with friends and loved ones, doing a bit of travel, etc - that it has made it a bit hard to schedule things.

But, in the hopper, for sometime soon, we have a larger rollout of our Land of Oz scent series, an LE vaporwave-inspired linear holographic nail polish duo, pumice foot scrubs, a new whipped salt/sugar scrub, and more :)

Thank you so much for an incredible almost-decade! Thank you for being so individually awesome and for all your support. Take care of yourselves and make time for a little FUN this summer, okay??? :)


Lynae & Orin

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