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New Year's Update :)

Lynae Zebest

Hi friends! Wishing a very Happy New Year to you and yours :) We're so relieved that 2020 (which seemed about 4x longer than it was) is finally over, and that with every day, the light is returning a little more!

In celebration, we're having an End of 2020 Sale. All on-sale items are 20% off; this includes our Summer Butters, hand sanitizers, Body Creams, DIY Kits, all clearance items, and a selection of our nail polishes. We were going to end the sale today, but since I forget to let all of you know about it, we'll be extending it until Monday :)

We have also added a number of new items to the shop:

  • The Always Winter, Never Christmas Scent Collection is finally live! It's only available in a choice selection of products, and only for a limited time.
    • Perfume Oils - our first!
    • Artisan Bar Soaps - a different bar design for each scent!
    • Cuticle Balms - our bestselling product!
    • Emulsified Sugar Scrubs - a winter favorite!
    • A note to all those who ordered the complimentary Holiday Mystery Box - I goofed big time and left the 4th nail polish out of your boxes. I will be sending the 4th polish in the next few days. If you don't received a shipping notice by Jan 5th, please reach out to be sure I didn't miss you!
  • We've finally brought back our much-requested Vegan Lip Balm! Thanks for your patience while we made some tweaks to our flavor recipes! We expect they'll be here to stay, this time!
  • The Oncoming Storm is a brand-new nail polish, a beautiful matte metallic pewter or antiqued silver, inspired by Doctor Who
  • We've also rereleased 3 of our beloved nail polishes from past years, that for varying reasons were discontinued a while ago: 
And, a bit more news:

We're currently almost out of stock of our 2oz glass jars, so you'll only find a few items in stock in that size right now. Grab them if you want them! We are currently reassessing our ability to keep stocked in so many item sizes without losing our minds :o It may be that we end up only offering these smallest sizes in sets, especially since, soon, you'll be able to order 1mL (very affordable) samples of any scent, if you want to see how you like it.

Lastly, due to increasing postal rates, we unfortunately need to raise our free shipping threshold from $35 to $50. This change will be in effect starting January 5th. We continue to offer combined shipping, and any other possible shipping discounts, whenever we can, and we thank you for your support!

As always, please write me if you have any suggestions or feedback. Thank you so much!

Shop all the new items now!
One last personal note:
We care about you and your health! And your loved ones' health! As our current pandemic rages on, please do your best to stay home or stay masked as much as possible. Treat yourself to a long hot bath or shower, and/or an at-home manicure, and sit tight as much as possible :) Cheers to better health for the whole world in 2021!

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