Our Barbie inspired summer mystery box is live! Snag one before it sells out ;)


Our June update is live!

Lynae Zebest

The R'lyeh Is For Lovers Collection

Ten sumptuous scents to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime voyage to our otherwordly isle...
(Currently available in all our bath/body offerings - sans Summer Butters, which will be added in a couple weeks)

Cyclopean Masonry
Architecture, or a secret society? Freshly cured pipe tobacco, tropical soil, ancient stone, and black tea with cream
Eldritch Elixir
Lavender, cucumber, gin, chamomile, Assam black tea
The Gibbous Moon
Meditations on a star-filled night: Lemongrass, black currant, patchouli, and sharp sweet peppermint
Pear, dragonfruit, apricot jam, tequila, marshmallow, neroli, and driftwood
Lost Carcosa
Strawberry rhubarb jam, orange juice, ginger, fresh cucumber, vodka, clover
The Lurking Fear
Freshly crushed watermelon pulp, blood flower, tonka, amaretto, balsam.
Martini of Madness
Lychee, pineapple, gin, lemon peel, orange blossom, amber, vermouth
Mi-Go Mojito
Fresh mint, lime, Valencia orange, gold rum, passionfruit
Mother Shub's Sangria
White wine, tangerine and mango, spiked with dark rum, cassia, nutmeg, mahogany, and clove
Squamous Sunset
Hair of the black dog at dawn: Maraschino liqueur, dewy grasses, patchouli, cinnamon, oud


Remover Remedy

Our Remover Remedy is a concentrated product you add to your bottle of acetone (or other nail polish remover), to moisturize and protect your nails & skin from the drying effects of polish removal - as well as making the removal process more pleasant by including a scent of your choice - any one from our catalog! Each 1oz bottle will remedy a minimum of 8oz of remover.

We generally recommend acetone as the most safe and effective nail polish remover - but as everyone knows, it is very drying to your cuticles & skin. And, since non-acetone removers usually require more exposure time to get the job done, they too can cause wear and tear to your skin’s natural barrier. This additive uses gentle, humectant glycerin and skin-loving, fast-absorbing oil to compensate :)

Wax Melts

We've expanded our wax melt offerings to include our full scent catalog, in a standard clamshell block  :) Just $4 each! Use them in your favorite wax melter - we like the ones with a hot plate!

Dire Wolf has returned!

Due to a few customer requests, we've brought back our long-discontinued, reminiscent-of-asphalt, grey glitter crelly nail polish inspired by House Stark!

And - a few things to note:

  • The Big Lebowski/420 Holiday Collection will no longer be restocked after July 15th. After that point, it'll slowly get pulled off the site as any remaining inventory clears out.
  • Modern Love has been discontinued, effective immediately, because one of its components has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I do still have a bit of the scent in stock, but consider this last call!
  • There will be some tropical Lovecraft themed nail polishes released as well, but we decided they needed a bit of their own spotlight - look for them to show up in mid-July.
  • Lastly - just a heads-up that USPS ship times have been a lot more unpredictable in the last couple months, presumably due to Covid-19. Often, our packages aren't even getting scanned in until a few days after we drop them off at the post office. Everything is arriving, just slower! Please keep this in mind when you order!
Thank you SO much everyone. We really truly couldn't have kept going, much less creating new fun things, without your support.

With much love,

Lynae & Orin

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