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Shipping update!

Lynae Zebest

Hiya folks! We had an unprecedented response to our Black Friday event, and as a result ship times are running a bit longer than usual for made-to-order items. Most orders for scrubs, soaps or sanitizers are still pending but we’re cranking ‘em out as fast as we can! And assembly of the Holiday Mystery Boxes starts today too, with an eye to ship on the 10th. Please be patient! Thank you!!!

Our spectacular Black Friday freebie sale!

Lynae Zebest

We know you are often buying gifts & can't spare anything for yourself.So, just like last year, we're focusing on FREE GIFTS of all kinds, throughout the weekend,as a thank-you to YOU! - our amazing customers :) FREE SHIPPING ON ALL $20+ ORDERS, FRI-MON! A different deal every day, Fri-Mon, no codes needed!  FRIDAY NOV 27For every $10 you spend, receive $5 worth of free mystery items! No maximum (i.e. $100 purchase = $50 in free gifts) Items will be surprise colors/fragrances of the same type of product that you ordered (nail polish, skincare, bath, etc). Most surprise items will be limited...

Holiday Mystery Boxes

Lynae Zebest

Our holiday mystery boxes are now available in the shop! Inspired by the endless winter of the White Witch’s reign in The Lion the Witch & The Wardrobe, you’ll receive 4 exclusive, dreamy, wintery, gloomy nail colors, plus themed, scented cuticle balm & custom-blended hand cream. Preorders run until Dec 4th or until we sell out - and the boxes ship between Dec 5th-10th :) As of this writing, we are already halfway sold out! Click here to get in on the action!

It's Time For Midsummer In Midautumn!

Lynae Zebest

Exciting news everyone - our long-awaited collection inspired by the gorgeous colors of Ari Aster's fantastic cult horror film, Midsommar, is finally live! Featuring 10 jewel-toned polishes in a range of textures, finishes & types, there's something here for everyone to love :) Lynae meticulously designed these nail colors through creating a series of screenshots & color palettes from the film, and then narrowing that down into the most iconic and defining colors within those palettes. Color and light are the things that really set this film apart from most other horror movies, and we're thrilled to celebrate that in our...

Help us plan our holiday releases!

Lynae Zebest

Hello friends! Our Halloween Mystery Boxes were such a success, we're planning on offering another one for the winter holidays - and we want your feedback on what it will be like! Click here to take our quick survey! It's just 4 questions, and you'll have a chance to enter into a drawing to win a $20 gift certificate to our shop!**** A note from Lynae: I'm looking forward to reading your feedback from the survey! I love getting to know all of you. As I write this, I'm sitting in my dad's empty house a few hours from where...

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