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Friday the 13th Update! No-Rinse Hand Cleanser, Crystal Gems, and much more!

Lynae Zebest

Greetings, friends :) We are in the midst of very "interesting" times, and I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound. For my part, I'm doing okay - better than many. But quarantines and large event cancellations are hard on artisans like me. Last year, 49% of my income came from in-person events. Right now, I have every reason to expect that most of my spring events will be cancelled. That's the right thing for public health - but it's scary for me. I am crossing my fingers that this pandemic subsides soon, and in the meantime, I...

Our first update of 2020 - it's a big one!

Lynae Zebest

Today is the first day of our PRESALE!

Now through 1/28, anything in our entire current product line is available for purchase - whether or not it's in stock! We will make it to order, just for you! For orders placed during this window, please anticipate a 2-to-3-week lead time before your orders ship. (We always aim to exceed expectations, though!)

After the presale ends, the shop will go back into "in stock only mode" - meaning, if you can buy it in the shop, it's in stock and will ship in 3-5 business days. It will stay that way until the next presale window - probably 4-6 weeks from now

In addition to the presale, we have a number of new items for you! Here's a rundown: